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Treating ADHD And Addiction Near Orlando

A great number of people who battle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) turn to addictive substances to cope. If a co-occuring disorder has led to your substance use, Evolve Recovery Center Orlando is here to help. We know the complexities of ADHD and addiction and offer treatment for each at our welcoming rehab center. Call us at 407-305-3458 at any time to learn more about our professional services for ADHD and addiction near Orlando.

We Will Help You Stop The Cycle Of Self-medicating

If not managed appropriately, ADHD may has a detrimental influence on your life and makes routine tasks more challenging. Alcohol or drugs might appear to be a way to cope, but they won’t actually help. You might temporarily feel more in charge when using these substances, but when the effects diminish, your ADHD symptoms come back as strong or stronger than before. When self-medicating again, your body forms a tolerance, and the pattern becomes more potent. Without help, you could fall into a full-fledged addiction.

If you’re trapped in the self-medicating cycle due to ADHD, Evolve can help. We know that to stop this vicious cycle, you must first face the underlying cause. In our drug and alcohol rehab program in Orlando, you’ll get a safe location to stay and avert relapse following detox from these substances. You’ll also have access to medication and therapy for treating your ADHD. Call 407-305-3458 now for immediate help stopping the pattern of ADHD and addiction.

How Evolve Orlando Helps You Manage ADHD And Addiction Near Orlando

Evolve Recovery Center Orlando is a drug and alcohol rehab center that can also treat co-occurring disorders. If you are diagnosed with ADHD during the recovery process, we'll help you find the right medicine and therapy to treat your disorder. When your ADHD is managed, confronting your addiction will be easier.

Each day you'll attend various therapy sessions. In individual therapy, you'll speak face-to-face with a credentialed therapist to sort through the root causes of your addiction, and that includes any co-occurring disorders. In group therapy, you'll hear other patients similar to you talk about confronting and overcoming addiction near Orlando.

In therapy, you’ll be able to:

  • Delve into the link between ADHD and substance use
  • Learn how to manage ADHD
  • Recognize and circumvent triggers for alcohol and drug use
  • Cultivate valuable coping skills
  • Change harmful thought processes
  • Set the foundation for enhanced mental health to nurture lasting addiction recovery

To complement our skilled treatment, you'll enjoy safe, well-kept accommodations at Evolve. You'll have a comfortable room, nourishing meals, and time for leisure activities in our welcoming facility. If our facility seems like the right spot for you to move forward after substance detox, place a call to 407-305-3458 and find out about the admissions process today.

Why Go To Evolve Recovery Center Orlando For ADHD And Addiction Rehab

Evolve Recovery Center Orlando strives to provide the first-rate rehab services needed for lasting addiction recovery. We understand the struggles you encounter because of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We take steps to make treatment as comfortable and beneficial as possible for you with comprehensive support from experienced, compassionate medical professionals.

To help you realize the most benefit from your stay here and put you on a path of long-term sobriety, we work to give you everything you need for a positive rehab with things like:

  • A customized plan of treatment
  • Evidence-based psychotherapy and medical care
  • Assistance with aftercare planning
  • Modern furnished, structured environment
  • Well-equipped fitness center, lounge, and other resident amenities
  • Filling, chef-made meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Support for billing and insurance questions
  • Absolute patient privacy and confidentiality

If you need a rehab program to help you prevail over ADHD and addiction near Orlando, call us at 407-305-3458 now. We are standing by to help you 24/7.

Enter Our Rehab Facility For ADHD And Addiction Treatment Near Orlando

Evolve Recovery Center Orlando offers a safe location for treatment when you require rehab services for addiction and ADHD. Contact us at 407-305-3458 or complete the contact form on this page for prompt help. We answer day and night, every day of the year, and are prepared to help you now.