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Intervention Services For Orlando, Florida

It's upsetting when a loved one is battling addiction, but refuses to seek help. How can you help? An intervention is able to compel a friend or family member to see that their addiction has an impact on others and that they should find expert assistance.

If you’re considering an intervention for someone you care about, Evolve Recovery Center Orlando can help. Touch base with us today to learn more about how our substance use intervention services near Orlando can lead you in organizing an intervention. We’ll direct you to the assistance and specialists who will help get your family member the care they require.

Get Your Friend Or Family Member Help With Alcohol And Drug Intervention Services In Orlando

Completing an intervention is a delicate matter. If not handled properly, you may end up forcing your family member or friend away rather than supporting them. Our intervention specialists in Orlando can help guide you to the outcome you want. We have an abundance of experience collaborating with families to persuade a relative to get started on or return to drug or alcohol treatment.

When you reach out to us for intervention services, we’ll discuss your exact circumstances and any questions you may have. From there, we provide two methods to assist you in conducting an intervention:

  • An Evolve representative can direct you over the phone. They will advise you on how to complete the intervention yourself. Even though your love and support can make your friend or family member see a problem, it can help to have a skilled provider instruct on the next course of action. We’ll speak with them about what treatment program is most appropriate for their situation and emphasize the consequences of not getting treatment.
  • Refer you to an accredited interventionist in your region. We have relationships with skilled interventionists in the Orlando region and can refer you to one who will help you organize a face-to-face intervention. They will instruct you on how to confront your relation and lead the discussion, so it continues to be constructive.

What Should You Expect From An Intervention?

If you haven't seen a substance use intervention outside of TV, what might you prepare for? Here are the fundamental steps of the process:

  1. Make a plan with a tight-knit group of people who care about the individual who needs help: friends, family, healthcare professionals, or clergy. A skilled interventionist will also help keep the intervention moving forward. Make certain you understand the extent of the addiction and what you are expecting as next steps in the process.

  2. ​​Invite the person you’re trying to help to come with you to a place without divulging your plan. Your support team should also come.

  3. Communicate to your friend or relative that you and all others in the group are present because you love them, and can’t let their substance use ruin their life.

  4. Urge everyone to share how your loved one’s dependency has had an impact on them.

  5. Present a rehab program and realistic consequences for eschewing treatment. Hold firm if they reply in a defensive manner. A skilled interventionist is able to help steer this dialog.

  6. If they agree to therapy, begin the process for admitting them to rehab immediately.

Can You Perform An Intervention Within Inpatient Rehab?

Addiction recovery has lots of challenges. Sometimes clients want to quit rehab against their therapists’ advice. While each rehab center might its own method of handling the situation when an individual resists treatment, Evolve Recovery Center Orlando can lead an intervention at our treatment center. We’ll welcome you to join us in person or via videoconference to talk about things like:

  • Why your friend or relative wishes to finish treatment prematurely

  • Why our staff believes they ought to stay

  • The risks -- like relapse or overdose -- of departing rehab too soon

  • If a different type of treatment is appropriate

  • How Evolve staff and relatives can further support the patient to help them keep going

Evolve Orlando Is Able To Provide Information About Interventions, Rehab, and Substance Use

Loved ones play a crucial role in our drug and alcohol rehab program. Our patients enjoy the most success when everyone works in unison to benefit them. When relatives have questions about drug or alcohol rehab, just get in touch with one of our experts. We will provide information on:

  • When should a loved one get substance use therapy

  • The ramifications of not entering rehab

  • Our intentions and treatment methodologies

  • How you may assist your relative or friend in treatment

  • How to deal with the stress of having someone you care about in rehab

If you would like to know more about addiction rehab at Evolve prior to helping to admit a friend or relative, contact 407-305-3458 anytime. Our experts will address all of your questions and concerns to ensure that your family member can get the assistance they need as soon as possible.

Request Intervention Services Near Orlando Now

No person should try to tackle substance use disorder alone. If you or someone you care about needs drug or alcohol treatment, you can get help now by calling 407-305-3458 or submitting the following form. Someone will answer you right away, regardless of the time. We are standing by for you 24/7.