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Lorazepam (Ativan) Rehab Near Orlando

Have a feeling that you’re isolated, fighting to conquer an Ativan addiction? Help is available today. Evolve's Ativan rehab near Orlando will lead you toward long-term recovery with skilled substance use support in a welcoming, structured facility. We recognize how this destructive substance can invade every facet of your life, and we're ready to help you get control of it.

What Are Signs You Need Lorazepam Rehab Near Orlando?

Lorazepam, frequently referred to by the brand name Ativan, is beneficial in managing anxiety, insomnia, and seizures. Regrettably, similar to other benzodiazepines, it's also highly habit-forming because of the relaxing, euphoric effects it offers. Navigating through detoxification is your first step, but your journey doesn’t stop there. Residential rehab will help you steer clear of setbacks while providing the abilities required to move forward.

Our lorazepam rehab in Orlando will help those who:

  • Seek help in recognizing and overcoming triggers of Ativan use
  • Continue to have urges to use
  • Struggle with lingering withdrawal symptoms including confusion, difficulty concentrating, and irritability
  • Have substandard mental health that leads to Ativan use
  • Fail to meet work and family commitments

If you are addicted to Ativan, it's best to get medical assistance. Evolve Recovery Center Orlando will personalize a care plan specific to you. If you are in need of detox before coming here, we'll make arrangements for a comfortable, inpatient detox near Orlando.

What Should You Do To Get Ready For Ativan Rehab Near Orlando?

Addictive behaviors are typically more challenging to spot in common anxiety drugs like Ativan. People may think they're safe since the drugs were ordered by a doctor. However, if you start taking Ativan in excess of the prescribed terms, or for illicit use, then you ought to consider the probability of a dependency. Once this is done, you may commence your journey to lasting sobriety with detoxification and residential rehab. But before you get to Evolve's Ativan rehab near Orlando, you ought to take care of the following:

  1. Make arrangements for your children and schedule leave from work. Our team is experienced in helping people get leave approved and will work with your office’s HR department.
  2. Expect at least a 10-day stay and pack accordingly. Bring comfy clothing and footwear, personal care products, and extra cash for the vending machines. Neglect to bring something like a toothbrush or comb? We have you covered.
  3. Schedule transportation. Make preparations for getting here securely or just let us know if you need a ride. We're happy to assist any time of day.

Don't forget to review our admissions details, as knowing what to plan for will facilitate the intake procedure.

What’s The Expected Duration For Lorazepam Rehab?

Your situation is different from other people. Evolve knows this and custom-tailors our lorazepam rehab in Orlando to accommodate your distinct requirements. You should plan on being here no less than two weeks even though programs up to 90 days are a possibility. Our skilled professionals will recommend a treatment duration after completing your opening evaluation. 

There are a few different variables that may affect the amount of time you stay here, such as:

  • The frequency, quantity, and duration of your Ativan use
  • How responsive you are to therapy
  • Your physical health
  • Existence of co-occurring disorders
  • Another substance use disorder or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

What You Should Anticipate From Ativan Rehab in Orlando

You will get better in a secure, inviting setting where you are able to concentrate on getting support from expert clinicians. We use evidence-based therapies and teach you coping mechanisms to manage external influences that triggered substance use in the past. You'll get a better understanding of the reasons behind your addiction and benefit from:

  • Group counseling
  • Peer support services
  • Aftercare planning
  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy 

Our Ativan rehab near Orlando realizes that advancing your physiological and mental health is vital to your success. In order to achieve this, we provide access to:

  • Skilled medical assistance
  • Comfortable bedrooms and resident lounge areas
  • A workout area
  • Recreational activities
  • Three healthy meals per day
  • 24/7 access to beverages and snacks

How We Maintain Safety During Ativan Rehab Near Orlando 

Following the period of abstinence in detox, you are particularly vulnerable to relapsing. Taking that into consideration, ensuring your safety is a leading priority for Evolve Recovery Center Orlando. We'll help you steer clear of relapsing and keep you moving forward with the following:

  • Secure, supervised surrounding clear of external influences
  • Personalized care plans to attend to your unique situation
  • Qualified medical professionals
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Cultivation of coping strategies to overcome triggers of your Ativan use
  • Rigid patient privacy protocols to keep your personal data and treatment info confidential

Get Assistance For Ativan Addiction Now

Let Evolve Recovery Center Orlando direct you to a new way of living free from Ativan. Our nurturing team is prepared to help you. Dial 407-305-3458 or submit our form to get help today. We respond at all times, every day of the year.