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Break Free from Opioid Addiction with Our Rehab Program In Orlando

Opioid addiction can be tough to beat, but you shouldn’t have to fight it by yourself. Let our opioid use experts at Evolve serve you with caring opioid rehab in Orlando. We understand the particular struggles of recovering from opioid addiction and give you safe accommodations to stay and take additional steps of your recovery journey.

When Should You Go To Opioid Rehab?

No matter how much you used opioids, you deserve a straightforward path to recovery. If you have any of these signs of opioid addiction, you should get expert help:

  • You prioritize opioid use over responsibilities, hobbies, and loved ones
  • Your health is declining
  • You need larger amounts to feel the effects
  • You have uncontrollable cravings
  • Drug use has put you in dangerous situations
  • You have tried to give it up by yourself, unsuccessfully

Evolve provides opioid rehab in Orlando for adults who have detoxed from opioids but require further treatment to remain stable and not use again. If you have not yet detoxed from opioids, check out our partner, Sunrise Detox Orlando.

How To Prepare For Opioid Rehab At Evolve

The toughest part of preparing for rehab is making the decision to go. Once you’ve committed to getting treatment, Evolve Recovery Center Orlando is happy to help with the rest.

Before you come to Evolve, we suggest taking a few steps:

  1. Make family and work arrangements for your absence. Evolve can assist with this if needed. Our staff is trained to work actively with HR departments to secure your leave.
  2. Bring essential personal items for your stay. We encourage comfortable clothes, personal hygiene needs, and some books or magazines.
  3. Find safe transportation. If you don’t have a ride, call us. We offer 24/7 transportation to and from our facility.
  4. Look up our Admissions page to learn more about our intake process.

How Long Does Opioid Rehab Take?

How long you stay at our opioid rehab center in Orlando depends on several factors specific to you. Some patients take more or less time to recover from detox and prepare for life without drugs than others. The length of your stay will be determined by things like how long you've been using opioids, how many times you've been through rehab, or if you have any additional disorders.

Evolve patients usually stay with us for two to four weeks before seeking more long-term support at an outpatient center. However, some patients may need 45-day or 90-day inpatient opioid treatment in Orlando. We’ll decide the length of your treatment once our therapists complete your initial assessment during intake.

What You Can Expect At Opioid Rehab

Our opioid rehab for Orlando prioritizes your personal needs. We work to make things as stress-free as possible while you transition to sobriety. During your stay, our staff works hard to give you an appealing living setting, delicious food, healthy recreation, and emotional support.

You’ll receive treatment from licensed psychiatric and medical professionals who customize evidence-based protocols to your specific circumstances. Your opioid rehab treatment will have a daily schedule of:

  • Peer support activities and group therapy
  • An individual treatment plan designed for your needs that focuses on proven treatment methods and community support groups
  • Individual therapy for goal setting and aftercare

You will also attend family counseling appointments to discuss the future. With counseling, you’ll learn about the root causes of opioid use and begin developing coping tools to help you stay sober after completing rehab.

You may also receive medicine like Suboxone to mitigate opioid cravings. Our medical professionals are pros at finding the proper dose to keep you safe while still treating withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

How We Keep You Safe At Our Opioid Rehab Center In Orlando

Opioid detox leaves you in a vulnerable state. If you slip up and use opioids again after abstaining, you have a greater risk of fatally overdosing.

Evolve Recovery Center Orlando gives you a safe place to rehabilitate after detox and rebuild your physical and mental strength. You’ll stay in our inpatient facility with caring staff to get you what you need and answer questions 24/7. You’ll be free from outside influences and the pressure to use opioids. We follow strict patient privacy rules and never share your information with anyone except approved family members.

Evolve’s clinicians use only standard evidence-based treatment approaches to help you lessen cravings and learn to cope without addictive drugs. We let you work at a comfortable pace for recovery and alter our treatments to your unique needs. Everything we do is designed to help you feel better and prepare you for taking further steps toward a happier life.

Find Safe Opioid Rehab In Orlando

You don’t have to fight opioid use alone. Call 407-305-3458 or fill out our contact form for immediate help. Someone will reply to discuss your options no matter when you reach out. We can help you today.