We Put Family On The Front Line Of Addiction Recovery

You require all the help you can find if you or a loved one is working toward a sober way of life. Evolve Recovery Center is committed to supplying beneficial drug and alcohol rehab information for families in Orlando and providing your loved ones the help they need.

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Drug And Alcohol Intervention In Orlando

When an individual battles substance use, it may impact the people who love them as well. If it just so happens that your family member is yet to seek help, you could attempt an intervention to explain how their disorder has an influence on everyone they love and the implications of declining assistance.

Your family member will be more receptive to treatment if you aid them in finding a suitable provider. Evolve Recovery Center is a respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Orlando. We offer inpatient substance use treatment following the completion of detox. If someone close to you is grappling with addiction, give us a call. We’ll explain the treatment options, methods in which you may support them, and the degree of assistance they require.

Our Treatment

a group therapy session at Evolve

Addiction Family Counseling

Families usually feel ill-equipped to help a member of the family who has begun addiction recovery. At Evolve Recovery Center Orlando, we help those in our care and family members learn more about the roots of addiction and the methods for getting control over substance use as a unit.

At Evolve, counselors help those getting treatment explore their specific family dynamics and how they are influenced by substance use. We use therapy activities to help strengthen family bonds and modify unhealthy patterns in relationships. This therapy also includes a minimum of one session of family counseling that we can do over the phone or through a secured online meeting. Together, families can address trust issues and learn new skills to advance long-lived sobriety.

Evolve’s Family Counseling Is Designed to Help Families:

    • Repair tense relationships
    • Understand the root origins of addiction
    • Assimilate coping methods for a successful recovery

What You Should Know About The Family’s Role During Rehab At Evolve Recovery Center

Evolve Recovery Center’s rehabilitation process involves family at the very beginning. Following your loved one’s admittance to our facility, our staff reaches out to close family members to talk about the affect addiction has on close relationships. We can then provide resources, answer your inquiries, and define expectations in relation to your loved one’s therapy.

Our residential program lets patients take leave from external forces and concentrate on recovery. With this in mind we do not permit family visits. If you have a relative under Evolve’s care, keep in mind that our staff members are on-site 24 hours a day to watch over them. In the meantime, we recommend that families explore other support possibilities. And keep in mind, we are glad to supply alcohol and drug rehab information for families in Orlando.

When your relation is done with rehab, our counselors send them on their way with a personalized aftercare plan. This plan will help you gain an understanding of how to continue to assist them and give them their best chance for long-term recovery. But keep in mind, Evolve Orlando is here to advise patients and family members even after they leave our center.

Help A Family Member Find Help Today

If you’re looking for additional alcohol or drug rehab information for families in Orlando, Evolve is ready to assist you. Enjoy a complimentary and private consultation with us right now. Call 407-305-3458 or fill out the following form, and we will respond at once, regardless of the time or day of the week.