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What To Expect In Drug And Alcohol Rehab near Orlando

Getting treatment at a residential rehab facility might sound intimidating whenever you’re not sure what to expect. Evolve Recovery Center Orlando strives to make everything easy and understandable to relieve any nervousness. We know you’ll be better off in your addiction recovery when you feel safe. Here’s what to expect in our alcohol and drug rehab near Orlando.

In What Ways Is Rehab Different From Detox?

Numerous people mistake substance use rehab with detox, but these are indeed two distinct steps in the alcohol and drug recovery process.

Detox is typically the opening step in substance use recovery

Recovery cannot start until the drug or alcohol is no longer in your body. The preferred way to detox is in a medically guided detox facility. This helps eliminate from your body dangerous substances while alleviating adverse withdrawal symptoms. As a general rule, detox:

  • Takes three to 10 days to flush out addictive alcohol or drugs from your system.
  • Relies on medical care to track your vital signs and manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Starts preparing you mentally and physically for the following stage in recovery.

Inpatient Rehab Allows You To Develop Skills For Recovery

After the detox process you are able to transition to the next level of recovery at an inpatient rehab. When going to Evolve Recovery Center Orlando, you will obtain 24-hour attention to move further away from drug or alcohol addiction. While staying at rehab, you will develop the emotional and cognitive skills needed for sobriety while your body recuperates from the addiction. Generally, rehab:

  • Takes several weeks
  • Is a secure place to stay when you’re at the highest risk of relapsing
  • Involves group counseling, one-on-one therapy, and family support sessions
  • Uses prescriptions, like Suboxone or Vivitrol, to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings

What To Expect In Evolve’s Drug Rehab In Orlando

From the moment you enter our facility, you can expect only the highest quality of care. To start, you’ll be given a personal evaluation to help us ascertain how substance use has affected you, explore any co-occurring disorders, and how to serve you best. Then our skilled therapists use the results of your assessment to prescribe treatment methods and medication to benefit you the most.

On a daily basis, you’ll go to group and individual therapy sessions. In therapy, you will explore:

  • The underlying origins of your drug use
  • How co-occurring disorders influence substance use
  • Beneficial coping skills for substance use recovery and daily living
  • How to mend your interpersonal relationships
  • The ensuing steps after rehab

What To Expect In Evolve’s Alcohol Rehab Near Orlando

Alcohol rehab has a comparable procedure as drug rehab. When you come to our facility, we'll create a personalized plan of treatment intended to help you progress to enduring recovery. This plan may incorporate the use of medication to minimize your desire to use and counseling to deal with the psychological aspects of substance use.

Much of your treatment will consist of group, individual, and family counseling. With compassionate professionals, you'll learn about:

  • The underlying causes of alcohol use disorder
  • Managing mental disorders that influence substance use
  • Valuable coping skills
  • How to mend relationships in addition to your life
  • Your next steps after rehab

The goal is that you'll be ready for the next phase of care with the foundation of new skills and improved mental health to help you maintain sober. And while your future care plan may include outpatient treatment, our professionals will also follow up periodically to make sure that you're safe and secure and thriving after rehab.

A Usual Day At Evolve Recovery Center

At Evolve, you’ll have an individualized plan of treatment and organized routine to ensure you get all the support you need. While our clinicians will adjust their counseling to your unique situation, each patient generally follows the same timetable. So you may expect a usual day at Evolve to be something like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Group therapy
  • Lunch
  • Life skills and mental health classes
  • 12-step meetings or SMART Recovery
  • Dinner
  • Free time or group recreational activities

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