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Codeine Rehab near Orlando

Doctors might prescribe Codeine for a limited timeframe to help patients with mild to moderate pain or an ongoing cough. Even so, this opioid can become addictive and disruptive to your daily life. If you’re struggling to deal with your codeine addiction, you can get help today at Evolve Recovery Center Orlando.

Evolve’s codeine rehab in Orlando utilizes a custom-designed treatment plan while supporting you in a safe, structured surrounding. We’ll help you cultivate the skills you need so you may move on with your life without codeine.

What Are Signs That You Need Codeine Rehab In Orlando?

Despite being commonly prescribed and easy to access as a pain pill and cough medicine, codeine is still a potentially unsafe opiate that poses a risk for addiction. Detox is often your initial step, but you might also be in need of inpatient rehab for a successful recovery. You may profit from codeine rehab in Orlando if you encounter:

  • Compulsions to continue using codeine in your daily life
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as consistent stomach cramps, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping
  • Problems dealing with certain situations without using
  • A need to take a higher dose of codeine to experience its effects
  • Mental health difficulties, such as depression or anxiety, related to codeine use
  • An ongoing fear of falling into a relapse

Evolve’s inpatient facility offers a safe, reassuring space to progress in your recovery. If you need to start with detox, our partner facility, Sunrise Detox Orlando, will be glad to guide you.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Codeine Addiction Rehab near Orlando

If you’ve decided to get started with codeine addiction rehab near Orlando, you’ve already done one of the hardest steps in recovery. You now only need to do a couple more tasks before coming to our facility, like:

  1. Figure out leave from your office. Our team works with employers frequently to ensure that leave or FLMA is properly scheduled. We’re happy to communicate with your human resources department and help with all the necessary filing of paperwork.
  2. Plan for childcare and family obligations. Make sure your little ones, animals, and other loved ones are cared for. Please note, you are allowed to bring an emotional support animal (with approved documentation) to Evolve to assist with your recovery.
  3. Think about comfort and pack the right clothing and shoes. Also, you’ll want personal care items for about 10 days. In the event you leave something at home, we’ll supply it for you! You will even have access to laundry facilities over the course of your time here.
  4. Plan for a ride or reach out to us to inquire about our 24/7 transportation option.

What Is The Timeframe For Codeine Rehab?

Patient-centric support is the foremost priority at Evolve. With that in mind, the duration of your stay is contingent on your particular set of circumstances. Our addiction professionals will recommend a set timeframe following a thorough assessment that considers:

  • The level of your codeine use and the state of your physical health
  • Number of times in rehab
  • Shape of your mental health, including co-occurring disorders
  • How you respond to care

On average, you should plan on being here between two to four weeks -- but note that longer programs up to 90 days can happen.

What To Expect From Codeine Rehab

Our codeine rehab in Orlando is based on an individualized plan to address your specific needs. Our experienced professionals guide you with evidence-based treatments and the development of effective coping skills. You’ll gain from:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Goal and aftercare planning
  • Peer support
  • Staff on site 24/7
  • Medication-assisted treatment if needed using Suboxone

We know you have better odds of conquering addiction when you’re at ease in a comfortable setting. This is why we provide:

  • Cozy bedrooms with accompanying baths
  • Restful lounge areas
  • Well-balanced meals and access to snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Recreational opportunities, health center access, and break times between treatments

How We Keep You Safe During Codeine Rehab in Orlando

Getting you healthy is a driving force behind our codeine rehab in Orlando. Detox is a great initial step to clear the drug from your system, but your recovery journey doesn’t stop there. We keep you safe and centered on your rehab with:

  • A structured facility far from forces that trigger codeine use
  • Access to credentialed medical experts around-the-clock
  • Custom-tailored care that considers your unique needs
  • An emphasis on cultivating valuable coping behaviors
  • Keeping strict patient privacy protocols
  • Aftercare planning for the next phase of outpatient support

Whenever you’re prepared to move forward in your journey to sobriety, we are able to suggest a suitable outpatient center for your ongoing recovery.

Get Help For Codeine Addiction Now

Addiction to an opiate like codeine can be incapacitating and a challenge to overcome. There’s no reason to fight it by yourself. Request help now at Evolve’s codeine rehab in Orlando. Call 407-305-3458 or complete our form to begin. We’re here for you day or night, 365 days a year.