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Cocaine Addiction Rehab Near Orlando

Cocaine may be taken in several different ways, as it may be injected, snorted, or smoked. A dependency on cocaine is often debilitating and will put your health, employment -- and even your life -- in jeopardy. Attempting to beat this addictive stimulant on your own is dangerous. Instead, turn to Evolve’s cocaine rehab in Orlando for customized, 24-hour assistance from credentialed medical providers, and get help now.

How Can You Tell If You Should Start Cocaine Rehab In Orlando?

Highly addictive and potentially deadly, cocaine is an illicit stimulant that affects millions of Americans. Our on-site cocaine rehab in Orlando can help adults who have completed cocaine detox and who are seeking lasting recovery.

We can support those grappling with:

  • Consistent or intermittent use of cocaine in any form.
  • Persistent compulsions to use cocaine
  • Withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and depression
  • An inability to deal with outside stimuli that trigger cocaine use
  • A fear of relapse
  • Co-occurring disorders that exacerbate cocaine use

Even if you don't experience all the issues above, you should still seek help when addicted to this devastating substance. If you are looking for detox, we'll get you started in a comfortable hospital-based detox facility in Orlando.

Ways To Prepare Yourself For Cocaine Addiction Rehab In Orlando

Recognizing there is an issue and making the decision to find treatment is the first, and typically the most challenging, step in the process. Once this is completed, there are some other preparations to make before entering our cocaine addiction rehab in Orlando, such as:

  1. Take leave from work and cover family responsibilities. If you are in need of support on FMLA or need us to reach out to your company, we are ready to assist. Our staff works with employers on a daily basis to make sure your rights and privacy are preserved.
  2. Pack essentials and casual clothing. Make sure to pack plenty of clothing, shoes, and personal essentials for a minimum of ten days. Books and magazines are also great to have. Forget something? We’re here for you.
  3. Plan transportation. Make sure you have the ability to get here safely, or just reach out to us. We will schedule 24-hour transportation to and from Evolve Recovery Center Orlando.

Prior to arriving, it’s a good idea to check out our admissions information, so you know what to anticipate.

How Long Will Cocaine Addiction Rehab Take?

All treatment plans at our cocaine addiction rehab in Orlando are customized to match your particular needs. Your exact plan could be different from others -- even those rehabbing from the same substance. We’ll propose a set amount of time after your beginning assessment, which will consider the following:

  • The frequency and amount of your cocaine use
  • Your physical health
  • Existence of co-occurring disorders
  • If you have been through treatment before

How you respond to treatment will also influence the span of your treatment. At minimum, you should expect to be at our facility for two to four weeks, but more involved stays up to 90 days are not unusual.

What To Expect From Cocaine Rehab in Orlando

A suitable detox and inpatient rehabilitation will greatly improve your odds a fruitful recovery. We promote your success through evidence-based treatments and the cultivation of coping devices to help you deal with trauma and external triggers. Working collaboratively, we’ll delve into the underlying causes of addiction through various formats, including:

Evolve Orlando realizes your chances of success are greater when you're taken care of properly. We provide for you with cozy bedrooms, relaxing lounge areas, health center, healthy meals, and access to snacks and drinks at all hours.

How We Protect You Over The Course Of Cocaine Rehab in Orlando

The peril of attempting to recover from cocaine alone is real, and we work hard to keep you safe. You’ll likely still have urges, and you’ll actually be at a higher risk of accidental overdose following detoxing.

Our cocaine rehab in Orlando ensures your protection through:

  • A safe, controlled living center away from outside stresses that trigger cocaine use
  • Support staff on the premises around-the-clock
  • Custom-tailored care plans to address your specific needs
  • Creation of aftercare plans to ensure your support continues after you depart
  • Teaching of coping skills to help manage your cocaine use
  • Strict patient privacy guidelines to safeguard your personal information and details of treatment

Get Better With Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Get started on your recovery by reaching out to Evolve Recovery Center Orlando. Our cocaine addiction rehab assists you with empathetic, individualized support to get you progressing toward sobriety. Place a call to 407-305-3458 or submit the form on this page. We’re available at all hours, every day of the week.