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What Are The Signs Of Addiction Relapse?

February 26, 2024

Have you become less serious about your substance recovery? Are you sometimes missing support meetings? Have you reverted back to some old habits? You may be on a road to addiction relapse. While relapse is not unusual for those who have undergone addiction treatment near Orlando, it can put you in at great risk. 

But, if you know the signs of addiction relapse, you may keep yourself or a person you care about out of harm’s way and on sobriety’s path.

Addiction Relapse Typically Takes Place In Phases

The signs of relapse near Orlando typically manifest in three different stages. Explore what they are and the behaviors linked to them.

Emotional Relapse

At this first stage, you aren’t conciously thinking about using but could endure some triggers that prompt unfavorable thoughts. You might lack focus on your recovery and forgo group sessions for older coping methods. These harmful patterns may cause mood changes, anxiety, or depression. Self-care behaviors such as getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and staying active could fade. 

Mental Relapse

Once past the emotional phase, you might actively consider using during mental relapse. You may become nostalgic for your previous lifestyle without taking into account the hurt and hardship it produced. You might even fantasize about using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. There’s typically a personal struggle as part of you wants to resume using while the other desires to maintain sobriety.

As the mental relapse gets stronger, you may start to justify why you take alcohol or drugs. You might also begin to plan ways you will obtain substances. You might even begin to develop cravings for drugs or alcohol, especially in moments of stress.

Physical Relapse

At this point, relapse has taken place, and you are going back to your former patterns of substance use. Old habits come back, and the cycle of using will often resume.  Relationships could become more volatile|, as relapse can bring about its own feelings of shame and anger. Depending on how long you’ve been in relapse and your dosage amounts, you may need to detox again or return to inpatient rehab near Orlando.

Don’t Ignore The Preliminary Signs of Relapse

You aren’t likely to arise one morning and choose to begin using again. In most cases, slow changes in your behavior or thought process indicate a shift toward relapsing. Some of the early signs of relapse include:

  • Forgoing therapy or group support meetings.
  • Recovery takes a back seat in your life
  • Feeling sentimental about taking drugs or alcohol and how it made you feel
  • Negative emotions like irritation and anger become more common, and you have difficulty managing them.

If you’ve found yourself losing interest in your recovery, it’s time to take a closer look at your addiction treatment to see if updates or a new method of care is warranted.

Does An Addiction Relapse Near Orlando Signify Recovery Has Failed?

Similar to other chronic medical disorders, relapse will always be a consideration in drug and alcohol addiction. Approximately 40-60% of people will experience a relapse, although the odds are increased throughout the first year. Recovering from addiction is a process. Regrettably, relapse may be a part of it. It’s a good time to review your plan of medical care and make alterations to help you get refocused. Addiction relapse does not mean your recovery has failed.

Relapse Is Prevalent But Also Unsafe

While relapse is common, it’s important to understand the dangers that come with it. There’s a higher chance of overdose if you return to using substances at the same levels. Your body has become accustomed to a life of abstinence and could have difficulty managing an unexpected onslaught of substances. This situation can be hazardous and possibly deadly, specifically for some drugs like opiates. Take action if you detect signs of relapse to keep yourself or someone you care about safe.

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